Where do I meet the bus?

First pickup is always at our HQ, Adventure Cafe located at 85 Delancey St on the Lower East Side between Ludlow & Orchard.

Second pickup is always West 45th & 11th Ave on the street across from Gotham Market.

It is always the same bus picking up downtown and heading uptown so if you’re meeting a friend and each want to use separate pick up locations that is no problem, just inform your guide.

What should I bring?

• Clothes that you do not mind getting wet. i.e – bathing-suit, quick dry shorts/top, sports-bra, etc…
• A pair of closed toed shoes. They will not let you on the river without them. If you’d like, they have rental booties on site for $5/pair
• Snacks for the ride. We are gone for a good portion of the day, so make sure to bring snacks with you. If you have dietary restrictions, we suggest packing your own lunch for the day in plastic bags to bring on the river with you (there will be a bucket in each raft for you to store it in).
• A dry change of clothes and shoes. This is a big one. We want you to have a comfortable ride home, and a pair of dry clothes is the way to do it.
• Waterproof camera / Go Pro. This is not necessary, but always a plus to capture the day with. We strongly vote against bringing your phones on the river with you, unless you have a waterproof case for it.
• A nalgene to stay hydrated. The facility hands out plastic water bottles, but let’s be kind to the environment whenever possible! Bring a nalgene so you stay hydrated throughout the day, which is especially important when you’re out in the sun all day.
• Any medicine you might need. If you need to take any medicine out on the river with you, bring it in a plastic bag to store in the buckets that are placed in each of the rafts.

What is for lunch?

We provide three different sandwich options: Ham & cheese, turkey & cheese, or PB&J sandwiches. Each sandwich comes with a bag of chips and cookies, as well as a water bottle, although we suggest you bring a reusable nalgene.

What should I bring with me on the river?

Just yourself! You can leave all of your belongings on the bus, as it will be locked throughout the day. If you want to bring your phone, please make sure it is in a protective waterproof case, because you will be getting wet.

How many people are in my raft?

We pair people up in groups from 5-8 in a raft. If you are coming alone or with one other person, don’t worry about it! Our guides will help get everyone in a raft.

Can I drink or smoke on the river?

There is no drinking on the river or on the grounds of whitewater challengers and there is no smoking within national state park zones.