Kingston Terminal Renovation Has Begun

Kingston Terminal Renovation

Trailways of New York, the largest privately held intercity bus carrier in New York State, announces the start of an ambitious renovation and expansion of its flagship terminal in Kingston, New York.

Replacing the nearly half century old Kingston Terminal is a critical step toward modernizing bus travel in the region. Originally built in the early 1970s, the Kingston Terminal serves more than 250,000 passengers annually, handling an average of 40 buses each day; 365 days per year.

Renovations are underway and are scheduled to be complete by early summer 2019. The planned renovation includes a 21st century interior redesign featuring enhanced modern amenities, comfortable seating, upgraded restrooms, Wi-Fi, digital arrival and departure boards, and self-service ticketing kiosks. The remodeled exterior will boast a more accessible pedestrian boarding zone, new sidewalks, reconfigured parking including EV charging stations, and landscaping for a more pleasing aesthetic.

“Trailways of New York’s investment at our flagship location underscores our commitment to a better overall travel experience for our customers. The project, in coordination with the City of Kingston, Ulster County, and the New York State Department of Transportation will continue to stimulate economic growth in the region,” said Anne Noonan, Vice President of Marketing and Traffic at Trailways of New York. “We have no doubt that by delivering an improved experience in Kingston, it will be more enjoyable for visitors to explore the very popular destinations we serve throughout the Hudson Valley.”

During the construction, passengers will need to find alternate parking. Updates on the construction and passenger advisories can be found at, and on the Trailways of New York (TrailwaysNY) Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds.

The Trailways of New York Kingston Terminal was designed by Missouri based TranSystems Construction Engineering, and will be carried out by Rosendale based JH Construction.

Winter Travel Tips 2019

A winter storm forecast can fill you with dread or panic if you’ve got travel plans. When it comes to weather and road conditions, certain things are definitely out of our control. The good news is, many are not! The TrailwaysNY team are experts at getting you where you need to go in all types of weather, but there are steps you yourself can take to make your winter bus travel run as smoothly as possible:

1. Take an earlier bus than originally planned
Buses travel only as fast as traffic and road conditions safely allow. When there’s snow, ice, or the infamous “wintry mix” in the forecast, assume that a bus trip will probably take longer than usual. Consider catching an earlier departure so you’re more likely to get where you’re going on time.

2. Stay in the loop on cancellations and delays
For service updates, check the “Service Advisories” page on the TrailwaysNY website, our Twitter feed, our Instagram feed, or our Facebook page. You can also call (800) 858 8555 for information.

3. Check “Where’s My Bus?”
With the “Where’s My Bus” feature on the TrailwaysNY website, you can get 24/7/365, real-time, info about your bus’ location on a map and expected destination arrival time. Simply tell us Point A, Point B, and time of departure.

4. Give a bus plenty of room to stop
As a bus comes into a station or stop, anticipate that it may slide on slick surfaces. Keep yourself at a safe distance until the bus reaches a complete stop.

5. Watch your step
As passengers track snow onto bus steps, they’ll get slippery. Use the handrails, take your time, and if you can, kick snow from your shoes before boarding.

6. Layer up
We’ll keep you warm and toasty on the bus itself. Until you get on board, make sure you’re dressed for the trip to and from the station, and the possibility of waiting outside or in a chilly terminal for longer than anticipated due to travel delays.

7. Respect your driver
TrailwaysNY ‘s commitment to safety is personified in the outstanding safety record of our operators in all sorts of road conditions. Sometimes that means a bus is late or the ride gets extended. Remember that your driver is a professional doing his or her best, and know that passenger civility (and especially a “thank you”) goes a long way in less-than-ideal circumstances.

8. Download your favorite entertainment ahead of time
All of our buses have free WiFi, however, you are limited to how much data you can use and most streaming websites are blocked to allow all passengers to have access to this service. Many of the most popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Spotify allow you to download your movies and music before traveling.

9. Stock up on supplies
Don’t forget your headphones, chargers (yup, you can charge on the bus), and some snacks for the ride!


Audiobooks and Podcasts for Your TrailwaysNY Bus Trip

TrailwaysNY Audio and eBooks


Whatever your reason for booking a trip on Trailways of New York, there’s one thing for sure: bus travel lets you sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. That ride can turn into an experience of its own when you have something entertaining, interesting, or educational to listen to. Here are our recommendations for audiobooks and podcasts to keep you company on journeys along all of our New York Trailways, Pine Hill Trailways, or Adirondack Trailways bus routes, including the buses to and from New York City, Binghamton, Syracuse, Montreal, Albany, Rochester, Buffalo, Kingston, New Paltz, Woodstock, and Glens Falls.



There may be no time more perfect for audiobook listening than while you’re traveling on a bus. On a bus, you’re free the distractions or responsibilities of driving—and life in general. If you’d like to turn your TrailwaysNY trip into an opportunity to fully dive into your traveler’s surroundings, we’ve put together this list of engrossing audiobooks set in various stops along the Trailways of New York route map.


By Lauren Groff; Narrated by Andrew Garman
Publisher: Recorded Books

Acclaimed author Lauren Groff’s second novel, Arcadia, beautifully evokes the setting you’d see outside your window on a bus to western New York state, as the story spans 50 years in the life of Bit, a young man born into a 1960s commune. Over the decades, Bit witnesses his home utopia fall apart and the world change in ways he never imagined.


By William Kennedy; Narrated by Jonathan Davis
Publisher: Audible Studios

Ironweed, along with Legs and Billy Phelan’s Greatest Game, is part of Kennedy’s famous trilogy of novels set in the Capital Region—the perfect listening for a bus to Albany. Ballplayer-turned-hobo Francis Phelan returns to the area and wanders his old neighborhood with a pal, Helen, battling ghosts past and present in an effort to carve out a future.


The Road to Woodstock
By Michael Lang and Holly George-Warren; Narrated by Sean Pratt
Publisher: Tantor Audio

If you’re taking a bus to Woodstock, why not hear the secret history of the festival that made the area famous? Woodstock Music and Art Fair producer Michael Lang’s memoir takes listeners from the beginning of his vision to its reality, recounting all the fascinating people and events he encountered along the way.


The Fisherman
By John Langan; Narrated by Danny Campbell
Publisher: Tantor Audio

Literary Woodstock is not just about “that festival.” Your bus trip to Woodstock could take a literary turn with Langan’s haunting novel centered around the area’s Dutchman’s Creek and Ashokan Reservoir. Abe and Dan, two widowers who have found solace in each other’s company and a shared passion for fishing, get drawn into a dark, mysterious tale that will bring them to reckoning with everything they’ve lost and hope to regain.


Mr. Splitfoot
By Samantha Hunt; Narrated by Cassandra Campbell and Emily Woo Zeller
Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Wherever your TrailwaysNY bus is taking you, this modern gothic novel is perfect: Cora goes along when her mysterious and mute Aunt Ruth leads her on a journey across the entire state of New York on foot. Where is Ruth taking them?


Nobody’s Fool
By Richard Russo; Narrated by Ron McLarty
Publisher: Random House Audio

Riding a bus to upstate New York could have no better accompaniment than this novel, the basis for the 1994 film of the same name starring Paul Newman. It’s the witty and moving story of 60-year-old Sully, his friends, and family, as they try to navigate life and luck in their small town.


By Carol Goodman; Narrated by Leslie Bellair
Publisher: Listening Library

Misty and majestic Hudson Valley scenery along your TrailwaysNY bus trip is the setting for this story about seventeen-year-old Avaline Hall, who’s overcome tragedy and now headed to elite boarding school Blythewood Academy. Avaline has a lot of questions about her life and her family’s shadowed past, and suspects the answers lie at her new home.


My Side of the Mountain
By: Jean Craighead George; Narrated by Michael Crouch
Publisher: Listening Library

Sam Gribley escapes his unhappy life in New York City to the woods of the Catskill Mountains. He’ll spend a year alone with only a pen knife, ball of cord, forty bucks, and some flint and steel. Your bus from New York to the Catskills doesn’t have to end in this kind of adventure, but it’s great listening along the way.


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle
By Washington Irving; Narrated by Bob Neufeld

Publisher: Spoken Realms

Two of the first and most beloved characters in all of American literature, Rip Van Winkle and Ichabod Crane, were born in the Catskills and the Hudson Valley, respectively. Hear the original classic stories as you travel through these regions.


Night Work
By Steve Hamilton; Narrated by Dick Hill
Publisher: Brilliance Audio

Taking a bus from New York City to Kingston? Get in a novel frame of mind with this thriller from the author of the acclaimed Alex McKnight series. Joe Trumbull is a juvenile probation officer in Kingston, New York, working with the most high-risk youth in the city. Two years ago after his fiancee is murdered, he ventures out on a blind date, ready to live a normal life again. He has no idea that this evening will bring the beginning of a whole new nightmare…




What’s not to love about podcasts? They’re free. They’re shorter than audiobooks. And their episodic format allows them to focus on specific, unique topics and stories. If you’re looking for educational entertainment listening on a New York Trailways, Adirondack Trailways, or Pine Hill Trailways bus, here are some places to start:


The Bowery Boys: New York City History
When taking a Trailways of New York bus to New York City, check out The Bowery Boys, a podcast that takes a fun, up-close look at the Big Apple’s history. Hosts Greg Young and Tom Meyers uncover the stories behind the world-famous landmarks, buildings, and streets.


A New York Minute in History
Here’s a podcast for history buffs and bus travel throughout New York. Produced by The New York State Museum in Albany in partnership with WAMC-Northeast Public Radio and Archivist Media, “A New York Minute in History” is hosted by New York State Historian Devin Lander and Don Wildman, of the Travel Channel’s “Mysteries at the Museum.” Each segment chronicles the Empire State’s role in important historical events. Episode One tells the tales of World War I heroes Henry Johnson and Tommy Hitchcock Jr.; Episode Two looks at New York’s key role in the Women’s Rights Movement.


Hudson River Valley Institute Podcasts
This rich podcast library offers up a deep dive into various regions of the Hudson Valley and their histories, so it’s perfect listening if you’re taking the Trailways bus from NYC to New Paltz, Kingston, into the Catskills, or beyond. Episodes cover the Hudson River, the 124th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment in the Civil War, Hudson Valley wineries, the Mid-Hudson Bridge, the natural ice industry, and the Borscht Belt.


A Small American City
This podcast, a project by author Duncan Crary, takes listeners on a ride through small city life by weaving together the voices, stories, and history of his hometown of Troy, New York — a place that he feels represents the heart of a North American semi-urban community. So whether you are taking a bus to Albany, the Troy area, or anywhere else in the state, this could be a great listening companion for your trip.


Look Like A Local
Spend your Trailways of New York bus ride to major New York State cities learning the tips you need to make the most of your visit. This travel podcast offers the inside scoop from an area’s local residents on the best places to see, eat, and hang out—the places that aren’t going to be mentioned in guidebooks. Episode 1 covers Buffalo; Episode 2 covers Ithaca; Episode 3 covers Syracuse; Episode 4 is all about Plattsburgh; Episode 6 tackles Rochester; Episode 55 covers Albany.


Check out our full TrailwaysNY bus schedule. Ready to book your bus ticket on Trailways of New York? You can purchase bus tickets online at



Ithaca Bus Station Announcement

TrailwaysNY Ithaca


Attention Ithaca Travelers

Effective Monday October 1st the Ithaca Agency will be located at Green Street Pharmacy at 131 East Green St.

Parking Information:

There is a parking garage on the north side of Green Street, between the two bus pull offs. This garage can accommodate both short term and long-term parking.

Also, just across the street from the 131 E Green Street (Urban Outfitters) bus pull-off there is 15-minute temporary parking. This parking is adjacent to a pedestrian crossing traffic signal that can be used to access the bus stop on the south side.

Babylon, Long Island Announcement



Special Announcement for Babylon, Long Island Riders

As of September 26, 1018, our agency, Jack Jack’s Coffee Café, will no longer sell tickets. The pick up will remain at 223 Deer Park Ave. It will now be Cash fare to driver only.

Trailways of New York Announces Connecting Service with Amtrak

Amtrak customers now have a new option to reach destinations across New York State not accessible by rail, and Trailways of New York customers have gained access to destinations throughout the continent. Beginning today, customers are now able to enjoy connecting service at Amtrak stations in Rochester, NY, Syracuse, NY, Utica, NY, and Saratoga Springs, NY, allowing passengers to continue on to cities such as Cooperstown, Ithaca, Cortland, Glens Falls, Oneonta, and Lake George.

“Trailways of New York is pleased to be partnering with Amtrak,” said Anne Noonan, Vice President of Traffic and Marketing. “Travel to more cities and towns is now available to our customers and, with one ticket, they can now move seamlessly between Trailways and Amtrak.”

Adam Krom, Director of Transportation Connectivity at Amtrak knows that this partnership comes at a time when upstate New York is a growing destination, saying, “As upstate New York continues to grow, becoming an increasingly popular place to visit and live, partnering with Trailways of New York helps Amtrak customers travel where they want to go, even after they get off the train.”

Tickets may now be purchased online at, by calling 1-800-USA-RAIL, or at any Amtrak station.

Contact: Anne Noonan at 845-339-4230 x117

About Trailways of New York

Trailways of New York (Adirondack, Pine Hill, and New York Trailways) operates over 150 trips per day to more than 140 destinations in New York, New Jersey, and Canada. The largest, and longest continuously operating intercity bus carrier in New York State, Trailways of New York boasts an unmatched legacy of service in the region. As an interline partner with Greyhound, and member of the National Trailways Network, Trailways of New York is able to connect passengers to thousands of destinations throughout North America. Connect with Trailways of New York online at, on Instagram, Twitter @TrailwaysNY, and at

About Amtrak®

Amtrak – America’s Railroad ® – is dedicated to safe and reliable mobility as the nation’s intercity passenger rail service provider and its high-speed rail operator. With our state and commuter partners, we move people, the economy, and the nation forward, carrying more than 30 million Amtrak passengers for each of the past six years. Formally known as the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, Amtrak is governed by a 10-member board of directors, nine of whom are appointed by the President of the United States plus the Amtrak CEO. Anthony R. Coscia is board chairman and Jeffrey R Moreland is vice chairman. Amtrak operates more than 300 trains daily – at speeds of up to 150 mph (241 kph) – connecting more than 500 destinations in 46 states, the District of Columbia, and three Canadian Providences. Learn more at or call 800-USA-RAIL for schedules, fare, and other information.

Top 10 Things To Do in Syracuse, NY


Top 10 Things To Do in Syracuse, NY

Here at TrailwaysNY, we run buses from New York City (NYC) to Syracuse over a dozen times each day…so we know “The ‘Cuse” is a dynamic and diverse city filled with all types of adventures. Plan a visit to the economic and educational heart of central New York, and ride there in style on one of our bus lines! In addition to our route from New York City to Syracuse, we also offer buses from Albany to Syracuse, buses from Rochester to Syracuse, buses from Buffalo to Syracuse, and buses from Toronto to Syracuse. Here’s a rundown of our favorite things to do in Syracuse, NY and the bus schedules to deliver you there:


1) Destiny USA

One of the ten largest malls in the U.S., and definitely the biggest shopping destination in New York state, Destiny USA is home to hundreds of stores, from tiny specialty boutiques to huge department stores and factory outlets. The enormous, sunlit interior also houses theme restaurants, family adventure museums, a comedy club, a 40 mph go-kart track, and even a multi-story ropes course. Day or night, Destiny USA offers nearly unlimited entertainment under one soaring roof.

2) Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science and Technology (MOST)

Located in the city’s former armory building, this interactive science museum and play center offers captivating activities for all ages. Toddlers and kids will love Science Playhouse, a five-level fun zone of tunnels and tubes, while older visitors can catch an IMAX film, enjoy a planetarium show, or explore dozens of hands-on science exhibits and demonstrations. As a bonus, MOST is smack-dab in the middle of the renovated Armory Square, home to chic shops, friendly pubs and upscale eateries.

3) Syracuse University

“The Hill” is the heart of contemporary Syracuse, offering a gorgeous architectural campus, the shops, bars, and restaurants of “M-Street,” and the year-round thrills of top college sports. The iconic Carrier Dome, the only domed stadium in the Northeast, seats nearly 50,000 fans and is home to NCAA Champion Orange basketball, as well as football, lacrosse, and world-class concerts from the likes of The Rolling Stones and Elton John.

4) The Great New York State Fair

Each August, the sprawling State Fairgrounds on the south shore of Onondaga Lake comes to rowdy, raucous life as America’s oldest state fair (first held in 1841) sets up for two weeks of good old-fashioned fun. The Fair offers endless amusements, from horse shows and livestock competitions to hundreds of places to eat and drink and buildings dedicated to everything from horticulture to conservation. The Midway is the place for carnival rides and games, the Native American village boasts art and tribal dances. Musical acts play for free every night.

5) Rosamond Gifford Zoo

Ranked among the top ten percent of zoos nationwide, the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnett Park provides homes for 700 animals, including African lions, penguins, and an extraordinary seven Asian elephants. The zoo is just the right size to enjoy in a single day, and combines a true dedication to both the care and welfare of the animals and to a fun and educational experience for visitors.

6) Central NY Regional Market

On Saturdays and Thursdays, this stadium-sized market focuses on the bounties of Central New York’s gardens and farms, while on Sundays the place transforms into a bustling and eclectic flea market, with deals to be had on everything from antique furniture and rare pop culture collectibles to cheaper items like books, toys and tools. Several unique food vendors also have stalls here, offering gourmet donuts and coffee, specialty hot dogs, and wine tastings. TrailwaysNY passengers can easily walk to the market, which shares a parking lot with the Regional Transportation Center.

7) Syracuse Stage

For theater lovers, no visit to Central New York could be complete without a visit to Syracuse Stage. For 44 seasons, this nationally recognized theater has played host to the biggest actors, directors and designers in the business, who, together with the theater’s permanent staff of artists, offer everything from contemporary dramas to boldly re-imagined classics from Shakespeare.

8) Everson Museum of Art

Housed in an I.M. Pei-designed building that is a work of art in itself, the Everson’s 11,000 paintings, drawings, sculptures and videos represent a unique and world-class collection of American art spanning over 200 years. The Everson is also home to one of America’s largest collections of ceramics, as well as one of the world’s first and largest collections of video art.

9) Erie Canal Museum

This one-of-a-kind museum, which first opened in 1962, preserves a fascinating chapter in New York State history: the era of the Erie Canal, which once stretched from Albany to Buffalo. The permanent collection tells the story of the canal with real artifacts, photos and paintings, audio productions, interactive displays and a replica of a canal line boat. But the crown jewel of the museum is the 1850 building itself, which for 30 years weighed every boat that traveled on the canal, and is the last remaining weighlock building in the U.S.

10) Landmark Theater

Entering the 2,800-seat Landmark Theater, completed in 1927, is like stepping back in time to the golden era of silent films. This fully restored, opulently-decorated movie palace is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and frequently hosts world class musicians, standup comics, movie revivals, and the touring companies of Broadway musicals and plays. Even when nothing is showing, the theater itself is worth a visit as a breathtaking example of architecture, decorative art, and cinema history.

Ready to book your bus from NYC to Syracuse? You can purchase bus tickets online at

Top 10 Things To Do in Binghamton, NY


Top 10 Things To Do in Binghamton, NY

Bus service between NYC and Binghamton is one of our major routes here at TrailwaysNY. Most people only think of Binghamton in connection to its prestigious State University of New York (SUNY) campus, or maybe just as that city we drive by on Route 81 in central New York. But did you know that the area’s also bursting with little-known gems that make it a terrific weekend destination in its own right? In addition to convenient buses from New York City (NYC) to Binghamton, TrailwaysNY also offers buses from Albany to Binghamton and buses from Syracuse to Binghamton. Check out our picks for all types of things to do in Binghamton, NY and our bus schedules to get you there:


1) Roberson Museum and Science Center

Housed in a 1904 mansion, the Roberson offers exhibits, special events, and interactive programs on science, art, local history, and natural history. Don’t miss the planetarium and the region’s largest model train layout, recreating Central New York landscapes in the 1950’s.

2) Phelps Mansion Museum

Binghamton wasn’t nicknamed The Parlor City for nothing; its “Mansion Row” used to be filled with regal homes like this three-story 1870 wonderland built by banker and Binghamton mayor Sherman D. Phelps. It’s now a historically preserved museum filled with artisan wood, crystal chandeliers, and a true taste of what it was like to live in America’s Gilded Age.

3) The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park

The 5th oldest zoo in the U.S. is home to red pandas, red wolves, penguins, a snow leopard, an arctic fox, otters, wallabees, and a menagerie of birds, amphibians, and invertebrates. As a bonus, you’ll also one of Binghamton’s famous vintage carousels! Binghamton Zoo is open from April to November.

4) Eat a Spiedie

Philly has its cheesesteaks, Buffalo has its wings…and Binghamton has the Spiedie. What, you didn’t know about this signature food? In the 1920’s, restauranteurs and Italian immigrants to the area invented a new sandwich made with marinated and grilled cubes of meat served on soft Italian bread or a sub roll. Yum! For the full authentic Spiedie experience, visit Lupo’s or the Spiedie & Rib Pit. If you’re traveling to Binghamton in early August, you can hit the annual Spiedie Fest and Balloon Rally.

5) NYSEG Stadium

Double-A baseball is one of sports’ great secrets, offering up affordable, old-school fun for all ages. You can get your fill of it here, where the awesomely-named Binghamton Rumble Ponies play their hearts out each season.

6) Antique Row

Otherwise known as a mile-long stretch of Clinton Street filled with places to discover hidden treasure or flights of fancy for all budgets. In addition to the shops, you’ll also find cafes, community events, and a retro arcade. Ready, set…wander!

7) Recreation Park

This city park is so classic and something-for-everyone — there’s a playground, public art and fountains, walking paths, bandstand — it looks like something out of a TV show. Maybe that’s because it was in a TV show: Rod Serling grew up nearby and set his “Twilight Zone” episode Walking Distance in this very spot. The park is also home to another one of the “Carousel Capital of the World”’s antique merry-go-rounds.

8) See What’s Brewing

Home brew aficionados are in on the secret and now you are, too: Binghamton has a hopping craft beverage scene! (Pardon the pun, we had to do it.) Breweries like Galaxy Brewing Company, Water Street Brewing Company, and Binghamton Brewing Company serve up their farm-to-table innovations in unique tasting rooms. Beyond beer, spirit-makers like French Distillers & Alchemists and Black Bear Winery also deserve a stop on your tasting route.

9) Tri-Cities Opera Company

Whether you’re a buff or a newbie, regional companies like Tri-Cities are a great place to experience professional-quality opera in a more intimate setting. Tri-Cities stages both classical and modern theatre productions throughout the year.

10) Kopernik Observatory and Science Center

While you’re in Binghamton, why not reach for the stars? The Kopernik is one of the best-sited and best-equipped public observatories in the Northeast, and the first science lab facility in New York State designed for K-12 teachers, students, and their families. During their Friday night programs, you’ll find hands-on investigations using advanced telescopes, computers and other tools to discover the wonders of the Universe.

Ready to book your bus from NYC to Binghamton? You can purchase bus tickets online at

Trailways Ticket Sales Suspended at Geneva, NY Location

Trailways of New York, the largest intercity bus carrier in New York State, announces today that ticket sales at the Geneva, NY, location are suspended until further notice. Geneva area residents can still board the bus at the current location, as it will continue to operate as a bus stop.

We are currently working with our local ticket agent to resume service. Until we’re able to do so, it became necessary for Trailways of New York to suspend ticket sales at a location that has served the Geneva community for 4 years.

Trailways wants nothing more than to overcome this obstacle, and resume sales and service in the City of Geneva as quickly as possible. We are closely working alongside our current ticket agent, and are hopeful that we will find a way to limit the delay. We understand the inconvenience this will cause and apologize for the disruption.

Tickets can be purchased online at or over the phone at 1-800-858-8555.

Summer Schedule in Effect

Summer Bus Schedule In Effect

June 19th Schedule Change. Trailways of New York Summer Schedule Begins Today.

It’s flip-flop season.

That time of year when leather seats wreak havoc on the rear ends of those who live the “suns out, buns out” life.

Salt the rim of your glasses folks. Because summer schedules go into effect today.

Please take a moment to double check your scheduled departure/arrival times as they may have changed. Our Customer Care representatives are on hand and ready to help you get on board, on time.

1 (800) 858-8555 – Available from 7:00 am–11:00 pm M-F