When you go Trailways, you’re using the greenest travel option,
because your carbon footprint is minimized like no other transportation mode.

Satisfaction because we know that being kinder to our earth will yield a great return in the quality of our life.
From a carbon perspective, motorcoaches like Trailways are among your lowest-emission options and lowest-value for your pockets.
Motorcoaches service mileage is traveled per year as charters, Tours, sightseeing, and fixed routes are driven per year.

Climate Change

Taking big steps toward a
smaller carbon footprint.

The future of eco-friendly motorcoach travel will even look better than it does today, as more new fuel-efficient vehicles enter the market and replace current vehicles over the next 10 years, emissions per passenger mile from motorcoach will fall.

“Travelers today are more environmentally conscious in where they travel and how they travel,”

A photo of a foot print in the sand with CO2 written over it.

Getting there

Motorcoaches on average used 493 Btu/pass-mi and produced 37 g/pass-mi of carbon dioxide. On average, motorcoaches use the least amount of energy and produce the lowest carbon dioxide emissions per passenger mile of any of the transportation modes analyzed.

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Lower carbon

Whether traveling with a family, with a partner, or alone, those seeking a carbon bargain should seriously consider rail and motorcoach travel. Intercity bus options have been on the upswing, as numerous regional carriers now provide coaches with very comfortable seats.