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What should I bring for the day?

  • Clothes that you do not mind getting wet. i.e – bathing-suit, quick dry shorts/top, sports-bra, etc…
  • A pair of closed toed shoes. They will notlet you on the river without them.
  • A dry change of clothes and shoes. This is a big one. We want you to be comfortable at the vineyard and to have a nice ride home, and a pair of dry clothes is the way to do it.
  • Waterproof camera / Go Pro. This is not necessary, but always a plus to capture the day with. We strongly vote against bringing your phones on the river with you, unless you have a waterproof case for it.
  • Food for the ride. Make sure you don’t end the ride on an empty stomach. Bring some snacks for the bus ride there and back!
  • Nalgene or water bottle. Always important to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Cash/Credit. We supply lunch for you, however if you want any equipment add ons or to purchase wine at the end of the day make sure you have some cash handy.