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A Leader in the Motor Coach Industry, Martz Group has been investing in their cleaning processes long before COVID-19

Wilkes-Barre, PA: Today, Martz Group, a family-owned and operated motor coach company headquartered in Wilkes-Barre, PA received national recognition for their use of the EvaClean Infection Prevention System by EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives®. This state of the art system utilizes electrostatic technology to create positively charged droplets that magnetically wrap around all surfaces. These droplets are capable of getting into areas that would otherwise be impossible to reach and can thoroughly disinfect in a matter of minutes. This is the same process in which many airlines such as Delta, American and United have adopted recently to aid in the cleaning and disinfecting procedures for their equipment in response to the COVID- 19 pandemic. Martz Group has been using the electrostatic system in the disinfection process of their motor coach fleet since 2018. Martz Group’s Corporate Director of Maintenance, Aaron Kopa stated, “Safety has always been our teams highest priority and the EvaClean electrostatic system allows us to disinfect our coaches to the highest standards.”

Of the company’s recent recognition, Martz Group President Scott Martz Henry said, “Martz has been using this technology for nearly two years, well before the current crisis. This has allowed us to maintain our thorough cleaning process and continue utilizing disinfectants known to stop the spread of COVID-19. Everyone at Martz works hard to ensure that we are a leader in the motor coach industry and the transportation industry at large. Aaron and the rest of the team have done a great job to make sure our customers receive the highest level of service available anywhere.”

About EarthSafe: In 2014, EarthSafe Chemical Alternatives® was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Richard Valentine and green technologist, Jeremiah Gray. Together they developed EvaClean™, one of the most safe and effective infection prevention systems available on the market. EvaClean’s PurTabs™ and PUR:ONE™ disinfectants have found their way onto the American Chemistry Council’s list of COVID-19 Fighting Products as well as the Environmental Protection Agency’s List-N of antimicrobial products approved for use against the novel Coronavirus.