The TrailwaysNY, Great Elfscape!

The TrailwayNY Great Elfscape


The Elf on the Shelf®. It’s all fun and games until the mischief and shenanigans you’ve no doubt heard so much about happens in your house. This is the story of the TrailwaysNY, Great Elfscape.

Since he was just young elf, Eugene loved buses. More than 90 Christmases ago Eugene’s Grandpapa bought a bus and started driving elves from Pine Tree Hill, to work at the North Pole toy shops. Things really took off for the family business. Like his Papa Elf, and his Papa Elf before him, Eugene found himself sitting in the big green chair. Eugene is a very busy Elf. Smiling customers are everything! To get them to all of the places they need to go, Eugene partnered with The Dogsled Company– The North Pole is a very big place after all. He was even elected head Co-Elf of the Arctic Bus Association!

And did we mention Eugene was a pilot? What an Elf! He even dreams of becoming Santa’s co-pilot.

With such a busy schedule, you can imagine our surprise when Eugene showed up at our TrailwaysNY office on Friday with a signed letter from Santa, assigning him to our office as our very own Elf on the Shelf. Oh no!

Have you seen this stuff on Instagram? Nothing but trouble with this Elves and we can smell trouble a mile away.

Or are our cookies burning?

O.K. Nope. It’s trouble all right.

Eugene started complaining about all of the Elf on the Shelf rules. He was worried that he couldn’t possibly know for sure if children were being good or not when he was stuck in our office all the time. Eugene started asking countless questions about all the cities and towns that our buses serve and the what those places looked like. Eugene was getting antsy.

Dine and ditch! Yesterday, Eugene bought us lunch. He put it on his American Elfxpress Card then silently slipped away. As of this morning Eugene was gone! He left us a note saying how eager he was to meet our customers, hear their stories, and find out where they were going and where they’ve been.

Eugene has escaped! He could be on any of our Adirondack, Pine Hill, or New York Trailways buses. Maybe even hiding at our ticketing locations. He hasn’t checked in with the North Pole and we’re all worried sick.

Can you please help us find Eugene?


#1. You may see Eugene on any of our buses or at any ticketing location.
#2. Snap a photo and post it to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
#3. Include the hashtag, #EugeneTheElf
#4. One winner will be selected each day from December 15th – January 1st 2018
#5. Winners will receive a round trip* ticket AND a Starbucks Gift Card valued at $5.00


Great Elfscape Official Rules