Refunds and Ticket Exchanges

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Rescheduling Travel

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Refund requests for non-refundable tickets and unplanned events

Trailways will in some cases refund change fees and tickets. All requests must be received prior to the ticketed date and time of travel and must be accompanied by proper documentation (see “Documentation requirements and processing” below). If your refund request is approved, a refund will be provided to you via the original form of payment or credited to a Driven Rewards account toward future travel.

This policy applies in the following cases:

Death of a traveler, traveling companion, or immediate family members; travelers actively on jury duty during the dates of planned travel; and travelers that are members of the Armed Forces on orders.

Brother Brother-in-law
Daughter Daughter-in-law
Domestic Partner Father
Father-in-law Granddaughter
Grandfather Grandmother
Grandson Half-brother
Half-sister Husband
Mother Mother-in-law
Sister Sister-in-law
Son Son-in-law
Step-brother Step-daughter
Step-father Step-mother
Step-sister Step-son
Change fee refunds

In the event that your travel plans change as a result of injury or jury duty, you will be required to pay the applicable change fee at the time of that change. Once this change fee is applied, you may submit a request to have the fee refunded.

Ticket refunds

Ticket refunds will be provided for members of our Armed Forces on orders, in the event of death and, in some cases, illness and jury duty. This applies to all tickets, including Driven Rewards award tickets, and promotional fares.

Documentation Requirements
In case of death:

Refunds require a copy of the death certificate. If your change is due to the death of an immediate family member, the request must contain the family member’s name and relationship to you.

In case of illness:

Change fee refunds require a letter (on letterhead) from a licensed physician confirming that travel was not recommended due to the customer’s illness. Ticket refunds require a letter (on letterhead) from a licensed physician confirming that travel was not recommended with the validity of the ticket (one year of the tickets issued date) due to illness.

In case of jury duty

Refunds require a copy of the jury summons.

Send all refund requests to Customer Care for consideration.

In case of military service

Refunds require either a copy of original orders directing you to pre-deployment training or to report for TAD or PCS, or a letter from your unit with contact name and unit phone number.

For questions or for additional information on refunds or ticket exchanges, contact our Customer Care Center today.