At Our Facilities

We’ve been preparing for your arrival. Around the world, our team members are taking steps to safeguard your upcoming trip.


  • Mandatory Mask Usage
    • Every passenger is required to wear a face mask at every Trailways Terminal or when boarding and disembarking Trailways vehicles (even if you are doing so outside). It’s our way of looking out for each other. If you are a passenger with a medical condition or a disability that prevents you from wearing a face mask, click here for more information.
  • Clean Facilities
    • Each day we’re cleaning to start the day out fresh by ensuring our terminals and facilities have been addressed with approved disinfectants that treat germs and virus that could be harmful to you.
  • Disinfection Of Facilities During Regular Business Hours
    • Throughout each day, our team members are focusing on high touch areas known to spread the same germs and addressing them with approved disinfectants at regularly scheduled intervals.
  • Additional Cleaning of Company Operated and Owned Facilities
    • In those regions of the North America hardest struck by the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re doing routine extra deep cleaning of facilities to ensure your safety and comfort. In some cases, we’re using the same state of the tools now seen on board our vehicles ,including electrostatic technology and atomizing machines, to thoroughly clean our company owned or operated facilities.
  • Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
    • Our team members that interact with the public and our vehicles have been provided PPE to stop the spread of harmful germs.
  • On Board Social Distancing
    • A first from any nationwide carrier, Trailways is proud to offer social distancing on board vehicles in those regions hardest struck by the Coronavirus pandemic. Vehicles intended for 54 passengers have begun operating with as few as 14 available seats in order to serve our first responders and those members of the public that must travel at this time. It’s just another reason Trailways has been here nearly a century – we’ll always serve the very communities that support us most. Learn more about On Board Social Distancing here.

Detailed Carrier Information